Poetic Research Department
Index of past selections

Melissa Kwasny

Catherine Sasanov
from Markd Y (Archives & Invocations)

Volume 15 Number 1
Kelle Groom
Two Pieces

Volume 14 Number 4.5
Susan Rich
Dark Room

Volume 14 Number 4
Robert Farnsworth

Volume 14 Number 3.5
Phillip Barron

Volume 14 Number 3
Jessica Jacobs

Volume 14 Number 2.5
Early America, Poetically Speaking
Selections from a Panel at the 2013 Society of Early Americanists conference

Panel created, chaired, and introduced by Wendy Raphael Roberts

Volume 14 Number 2.5
Alexandra Teague
Winchester Poems

Volume 14 Number 1.5
Megan Pugh

Volume 14 Number 1
Alexandra Teague
Winchester Poems

Volume 13 Number 4.5
Nicole Stellon O'Donnell

Volume 13 Number 4
Tess Taylor
A Letter to Jefferson from Monticello

Volume 13 Number 3.5
T. Zachary Cotler

Volume 13 Number 3
Diana Arterian

Volume 13 Number 2.5
T.R. Hummer

Volume 13 Number 1.5
Elizabeth Bradfield

Volume 13 Number 1
Frances Richard
Outlet Fire

Volume 12 Number 4.5
Paul Legault
from The Emily Dickinson Reader

Volume 12 Number 4
Jill Magi
"I have begun again to read as I was taught."

Volume 12 Number 3.5
Geoffery Waterman
A Voice Inside My Own

Volume 12 Number 3
Brian Teare, Poems
Laura Larson, Photographs

Automatic Writing and Group #1

Volume 12 Number 2.5
William Allen
The Largest Glue Factory in the World

Volume 12 Number 2
Jon Thompson
Poems from Strange Country

Volume 12 Number 1.5
Roxane Beth Johnson
All Things Go on Past

Volume 12 Number 1
Sean Hill
A Home
Liberia Poems

Volume 11 Number 4.5
Jonathan Skinner
Poems, from Spoils of the Park

Volume 11 Number 4
Cole Swensen

Volume 11 Number 3.5
Dan Beachy-Quick
Conscious Allegory

Volume 11 Number 3
Bronwen Tate
All You Have to Do

Volume 11 Number 2.5
Sarah Messer
Thresholds of Finding and Becoming
History and the Found Poem

Volume 11 Number 2
Richard Greenfield
Duck River Latitudes

Volume 11 Number 1
Honorée Fanonne Jeffers
The Age of Phillis

Volume 10 Number 4
Robert Strong
from Bright Advent

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