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January 16, 2009

Early Republic Rockers on Tour

Filed under: Music,Popular culture — Jeffrey L. Pasley @ 12:53 am

One of the Early Republic-themed (or -named) bands mentioned in an earlier post are on tour.  That’s right, The Henry Clay People are coming to a city near you. (They seem to have chosen the Des Moines rather than Columbia/St. Louis route across, often an either/or matter, so I may have to give them a miss.) I am not entirely sold on these guys musically, but maybe someone’s Dad is a historian, so we should support them. Listen here, and below. The album the HCP is touring behind is here. Unfortunately they are not touring with the not previously-mentioned The Whigs, who are also on the road. (Listen to the Whiggery here.) This band does have amusing link that allows you to “Join the Whig Party,” which seems to involve period-inaccurate costumes. Both these band seem to espouse fairly traditional rock values, which is somewhat Whig-like.

The Henry Clay People, “Working Part Time”

The Whigs, “Technology”


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