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January 7, 2009

The Year Ahead: Help Wanted

Filed under: Common-Place — Jeffrey L. Pasley @ 7:00 am

A pressing non-electronic project and a new course are going to limit my contributions here to around once a week for the foreseeable future. I will just have to hope that Barack has our back, and the forces of history behind him. I admit to some discomfort the with the wall-to-wall Clintonian centrists Obama seems to be choosing for his administration, and to some puzzlement by his and other leading Democrats’attitude toward the Senate. Why the rush to leave when big votes were coming? Why the high moral dudgeon over letting a legally appointed Democrat take his seat because the man who chose him was corrupt? Ever hear of Harry Truman and Tom Pendergast?  But by all means let’s give the reptilian Norm Coleman the benefit of the doubt, when really Harry Reid should exploiting every strategy possible to get Franken seated and incumbified and voting as soon as possible. Obama’s establishmentarianism is really quite worrisome and sadly not all that unexpected for someone with his educational pedigree (Ivy League, I mean). But, really the presidential transition period is best ignored unless you are looking for job in Washington, which I am so not.

For those those of you who value public exposure over money, and would like to see more activity in this beautiful space while I focus on writing in the old media (books) for a while, applications are hereby open for co-bloggers. Anyone with some level of historical experise, interest in modern politics, and a bit of writing ability is welcome to apply simply by dropping me an email (PasleyJ AT explaining their interest and attaching a c.v. or resume.  There is no pay, so plenty of slots are open.


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